Exo Terra Soft Pellets Adult Bearded Dragon Food

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Exo Terra Soft Pellets Adult Bearded Dragon Food

Exo Terra Bearded Dragon food is a delicious reptile food, carefully formulated 
to ensure proper growth and health by providing complete and balanced nutrition. 
The diet contains natural plant and fruit ingredients and provides the complete 
daily nutrition they need. Exo Terra Bearded Dragon food is fortified with 
optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids so no other food supplements 
are required.

Exo Terra Bearded Dragon Food is a complete food for agamid lizards such as 
bearded dragons and Uromastix species.

Feeding Guide
Feed every morning slightly more food than one Bearded Dragon can eat in a day, 
and allow easy access. Remove any uneaten food and clean the dish at the end of 
each day. Provide a separate feeding and drinking station for each individual 
animal housed in the same enclosure. Have fresh and clean water available at all 

Exo Terra Bearded Dragon food can be moistened with fruit juice before feeding to 
increase palatability, some bearded dragons are more likely to accept softer, 
soaked pellets. After opening please store in a cool dry place.

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